What’s In The Record Bag January 2018

Yes, folks, it is that time. Time for another installment of What’s In The Record Bag. I actually only got 3 records in this trip to my almost monthly local record fair, but I am listing only two here. The third is a record I already have, but hopefully a better copy. I will get around to reviewing it later and figured I would just show the more interesting ones.

First, by now you know my predilection for picking up the strange record or certain sampler / various artist records. Here is the one for this time:

This second record is a box set of classical music. I have been listening to more classical music of late, but I already have a lot of classical on both vinyl LP (4 big box sets already) and CD and I was not looking for anymore except for some baroque. This set is not baroque, but it is very old, I estimate around the very early fifties. It is also original of course and pressed and printed in Germany. It was also $2, so I decided I would be stupid not to buy it!

Ok, that’s it for now.