Glaston – Inhale/Exhale

Yes, it is more new music! Ok, boys and girls, we get to learn a new word today or rather a new sub-genre. Glaston is band from Switzerland. They are listed as Post-rock, but I would describe their style much closer to instrumental *Cinematic Prog-Rock*.

The title of this LP is Inhale/Exhale and it is their debut. Most of the songs on this album to me lean towards kind of a cinematic Perfect Circle with a small dash of Pink Floyd thrown into a couple of tracks.
1.Game of Tones 07:10
2.Levitating 05:56
3.Sunnar 09:51
4.Noir 07:57
5.This isn’t Happening 01:36
6.Implosions and Her 05:53
7.Mariana Trench Skycrapers 07:36
8.Better Luck Next Time 03:57
9.Ritou 09:03
10.In the End 03:01

From the promo: Glaston is a post-rock band from Switzerland founded in 2014. Consisting of four members (Selina Maisch, Jake Gutzwiller, Timo Beeler and David Preissel (IRIJ, Pure Inc.)) They are a purely instrumental band who allow the instruments to tell the whole story, free from vocals. Piano, guitar, bass and drums playfully combine in delicate melodies with dynamic rhythms, creating a sound that is influenced by both Classical Music and Progressive Rock, and at times is even reminiscent of cinematic scores. It‘s place in the Post Rock world is created by it’s leading piano, which builds the heart of the music, its voice. The band is inspired by a range of different artists, from Olafur Arnalds and Agent Fresco to A Perfect Circle.

Piano is the main foundation instrument on most of the tracks of the LP.
Track #1 Game of Tones, I consider to be one of my two favorite tracks on the album. It is a pleasantly full sounding track with plenty of instrumentation including strings and organ. My other favorite track is #9 titled Ritou. This 9 minute track has an interesting time signature and no, that is not a skip you are hearing, it is done on purpose. It is similar to the first track in some ways and kind of a Tangerine Dream meets Perfect Circle meets Mannheim Steamroller.
The track 7 “Mariana Trench Skyscrapers”,highlight are the drums with a very interesting stick on stick method in it.

Most of the songs are quite long, but that is a prog-rock standard signature. There is a nice brief interlude at track #5 and the last track could be considered a long outro.

This is a different sounding band with a different sounding style. It is actually a somewhat pleasant listen really. It does raise enough curiosity to check out the rest of their work when it comes out.


Puzzlewood and The Gates Of Loki

New Band! Introducing Puzzlewood from Moscow Russia:

Artist: Puzzlewood
Genre: Progressive Rock, World
Title: The Gates Of Loki
Label: Self Released
Format: MP3 and Download
Musicians:Tony Legatov / electric guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals
Nikita Lipatov / bass, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
Eugen Semenov / drums Kirill Rossolimo / percussion
Additional musicians: Dmitry Ignatov / bouzouki (track 7)
Basem Al-Ashkar / arabic oud (track 10), violin (track 9)
Olga Scotland / flute (track 3) Anastasia Lipatova / backing vocals
Mixing Engineer:Segrey “Grebstel” Kalachov
Engineer:Gennady Wlasow
Mastering: Stas Karyakin at SLON Mastering

Hey look! New music! I was sent information on this band from their PR rep a couple of weeks ago to whom I am grateful for providing this opportunity to not only discover some new music myself, but also for sharing with my readers. With the rich music and cultural history of Russia I have been wondering where today’s artists have been hiding. From the Bio info: Moscow-based post-progressive rock trio PuzzleWood launched their full-length debut Gates of Loki in late 2017. The main idea of the album is the existential journey between the reality and the myth, between different places and even periods of history. Every song is a poem in my opinion, and the majority of tracks are based on the real historical events or myths of different nations of the world. To help the trio’s vision with the album, guest musicians were brought in to shape up the sound implementing various ethnic instruments such as Bouzouki and Arabic Oud, along with flute, violin and percussion. Official band website:  Continue reading