Blue Man Group – Audio

This is not a CD available in stores. It was only sold at the shows back in 1999 to note the particular one I saw.

Instead of writing a review about this album, I decided that it might be a bit too dry, so instead I will talk about how i got it and the show I saw.
Yes, I know this was 14 years ago, but some things get etched in one’s mind and one of these shows will do that.
I was gifted tickets to the Blue Man Group show in Vegas back in 2003 I think and to my surprise, they were not the cheap seats. I’m a percussionist, well, a non-active one now. Anyway, I love me some drums and I have my mentors. This is a bit different, this is also about invention and I love what these guys come up with. Anyway, this show was when they were at the Luxor and for me the show started before we even got to the theater doors because we had to walk down a hall full of big statues of Anubis lining both sides and I’m into Egyptology too, so I knew this was going to be a party, I just didn’t know how intense a party.
So we were escorted down to our seats, further down and further down we went until we reached the fourth row from the front, (oh dear)! Hey, don’t these guys use a lot of paint and other wet stuff in their shows that ends up flying all over the place? I started to question if the fourth row was such a hot thing or not. (Turned out fine).  Continue reading