A hidden Audiophile litmus test?

Lately, I have noticed the “audiophile litmus test” has been coming back lately. Of course, there is no official test, but more and more reviewers and other folks with audio blogs and you tube channels have been dividing folks between audiophile and non-audiophile and even assigning grades of audiophile in an “us vs them” tonality. None of this does anyone any good and is only divisive (a tool to sow division). My reaction to this is, don’t we already have enough division regarding everything being sown since #45 took office? Do we really need this in the audio and music world? I have even addressed some of these individuals to try to get them to think about what they are saying, but as expected it falls on deaf ears or just causes more problems because they are elitist and think they are right to posit an “us vs them” mentality as they divide people instead of encouraging people to listen to music. It’s like they are saying “you must join the club and drink the koolaid or you will not be allowed to listen to music now and that music is leaving the world and you will not get to keep it unless you are a member in which you will be spared from the coming apocalypse”. It even gets to the point that these dark-side beings also try to tell people what to listen to and what not to listen to in music. I find this attitude to be ludicrous at very best and severely damaging on many levels at worst. The scary thing in addition to that is that some of these types appear to be angels of light, but are really mean-spirited with an agenda in disguise, (like a sociopath who appears to have your best interest at heart but is really in it totally for themselves leaving you drained dry at the end). Continue reading “A hidden Audiophile litmus test?”

I’m fed up and words you can’t use when talking about audio gear

I was at an event with a large audio club last week and I guess I ran across the straw that breaks the camel’s back. For the thousandth time I witnessed deplorable behavior from one of the members towards a table full of people. It was the usual “I’m more important than you, you are all ill-behaved and losers, etc.” Completely uncalled for of course. Suffice it to say that at least half the members of this club are similar! I am just sick and tired of the attitudes of audiophiles and their ilk. The further underlying problem is that this behavior is now the new norm! We already have more than enough of such behavior and what makes it especially irritating is that this behavior is systemic in a hobby that like all hobbies, is supposed to be fun and where one would think it would normally be unwelcome. Hi Fi is supposed to be fun! Continue reading “I’m fed up and words you can’t use when talking about audio gear”