Music – Can you really feel it? (Our emotions and music)

Believe it or not, music is the most powerful force in the universe next to love. It has been proven over and over that music effects everyone at a deep level whether sensitive or not. In fact, it is the only thing in the universe equal to love that has that ability!
Do certain songs have an effect on you? Have you ever wondered if it’s just you or if anyone else experiences the same thing?

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be sensitive or even have music near and dear to you to be effected by it. Often times certain songs are connected to events in your life from the past. Something may have been happening as a certain song played in the background or maybe you got hit with certain emotions at the same time a song was playing. Maybe you were going through a rough time in your life or perhaps a sad time or even, a happy time. Maybe it was even a brief event as opposed to a length of time, it almost makes no difference, the power is the same.
The point is that the next time you heard that certain tune all those feelings and such came flooding back.
I’m not getting into the whole thing of vinyl verses CD vs live verses this or that format or what gear, etc. regarding our connection to music because at that point it doesn’t matter about the format or what it is played on and completely strays from the point. Music is music and connects and effects us no matter what.

Some folks have trouble with more than a certain song or two, like all sad songs for instance. It’s not necessarily always the song itself or the singer or what have you that will affect you or make you tear up, etc. It is usually memories associated with the song and sometimes they are not even directly associated and yet the song effects you every time. It can be sad, happy, melancholic, etc. Some people even get sick upon hearing a certain tune. Say for example, you were at a party and got sick from drinking too much while a certain party song was playing (yes, it can even be something that mundane). From then on every time you hear that song you get a sick feeling. Perhaps you got bad news about a friend or loved one and a certain song or piece of music was playing in the background or something. Maybe you experienced a life altering event, good or bad while a piece of music was playing. That is because that song or piece is now deeply associated with that event and triggers your body’s memory. Memory is not just relegated to the mind. Your entire body has the ability to remember. Ever get a pain in a particular place like your arm or foot or back, etc. or  ever get a gut feeling every time you see or hear certain things including a piece of music? That is all memories stored in your body.

Sometimes it’s not even a particular song or style, but can even be a particular singer with a certain timbre of voice that reaches out and into you. The singer pours his or her emotions into the lyrics making it even easier to tap into, whether you mean to or not.
For example, Sarah Brightman singing “deliver me” drills me into the ground. I have no direct event association with that song, I have no direct memory association with it at all, but every time I hear it I am flooded with emotions and can’t even get past the first chorus. It’s a great song, but I can’t get through it without falling apart. Drives me crazy. (Continue reading on page 2)

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