I’m not really one for talking about myself as there is not much to tell and certainly nothing of any great value in my own opinion, but I wanted to tell you a little about me so that you know kind of where I’m coming from and my life philosophy so to speak.

First of all, I do not consider myself an Audiophile by the current colloquial definition of the term. I also do not have deep pockets, same as most folks. I’m a music lover, but I care about sound quality and I do desire the best sound quality I can get within my means, which I think is important. Here’s the kicker though, what I just said is the true definition of an audiophile. The problem is that over time (more recent time rather than decades), the term audiophile has become a rather negative connotation. So, I have had to disassociate myself from the term.

I care about music, first, last and always. I do not listen to gear, I listen to music. I’m also into how music affects the human psyche and using the energy of music in positive ways. I am concerned about how we as a society have disengaged from music (partly thanks to poor sound quality thrust upon us).
I have been into music since very young (early single digits). I’m a musician myself (percussion mostly), but never pro and have not been active for the last 5 or 6 years. I have also been fortunate to have been involved in the local music scene in various official capacities and even got to work a sort of dream job for a couple of years as a Music Director and Associate Producer at a radio station. However, all that still adds up to a whole lot of nothing in my book, so I am not an authority on all things audio. I’m just average like you, with my experiences and opinions.

That said though, I have been kind of frustrated for years at all the press that the uber expensive gear gets as if telling the rest of us that we are not allowed to enjoy music because we can’t afford it. So one day, almost a year ago, I really dug around and found to my surprise that great gear, including “high-end”, providing great sound doesn’t have to be unobtainable.
More importantly, I want folks to re-engage with the music again in their lives. So I did the unthinkable in my mind and start this website. I am not a professional, nor am I a good writer or any of that, but I see a need going unfulfilled or not having enough attention brought to it and I wanted to help.