Do you listen to music or just hear it?
Perhaps you are wondering why you don’t listen to music as much now or even why you listen to it more now. Perhaps you are interested in putting together your first Hi-Fi system or want to improve what you have and not sure where to start and maybe you are afraid of the cost or the murky waters audio gear seems to live in.
If any of this applies to you (or even if your just curious), then welcome.

This site is not about becoming an audiophile or becoming a member of some elite club.
The main goal here is to encourage you to re-engage with your music first and foremost. I am not offering advice necessarily (except where I might have a lot of experience or proven knowledge on occasion). I don’t know everything, but I can provide information about music and how to re-engage with it via improved sound quality for those of us without deep pockets and more importantly, foster a desire to really sit and listen to music and to discover more. Having good sound quality is a part of re-engaging, in that it helps in the process. So whether you want to improve the sound quality in ways that won’t break the bank, maybe you just inherited some records or whatever or are just looking for music to try, then look around here and see if there is any information you find helpful or just enjoy reading.

This site will forever be evolving so visit as often or as little as you like. If you want to, you can subscribe by either clicking on the “Follow” button or putting your email address in the “Follow” field. That way you will be alerted whenever I put up a new article and what have you. You don’t have to subscribe of course, it’s just a free convenience if you want it and you will not receive spam or anything else.

I have created this site with the following tools to help you along.
Album reviews which is under the menu:
Musical Revolutions“.
Here I hope to inspire you to look up music you may not have heard or dig deeper into an artist repertoire or even just to sit and listen to a record you haven’t heard in a long time, etc.

Listings of affordable fine audio gear are under the menu:
Fine Audio Gear For The Rest Of Us“.
When I say “affordable”, I mean as in gear you may either be able to get almost straight away or items that can be saved up for in reasonable time, whatever that is to you. All gear I list will fall within the “affordable range” I have predetermined. It may be different from what you have in mind and that’s ok. Rest assured though I work well south of the five figure mark. (No caviar or Rolls Royces around here, good music and sound doesn’t require it). Note: We do not sell gear, please contact the retailer of your choice for anything you may be interested in purchasing.

Information, tips, new music, Etc. are under the menu:
“Musical Notes” This is where I talk about things such as music studies, shopping, record cleaning, news, events, new music discoveries, etc.

Please read my Mission Statement too. (It’s the link on the top middle right or also under the About menu item).

All this stuff is ultimately about the music, re-engaging with music. I thank you for visiting and I hope you will find something helpful here.

*I also have a full-time job and my work load has increased. I do this on the side, so sometimes I am tired and don’t work on it everyday. In fact, right now I need to try to make it about 3 days a week, more or less. I’ll do my best.