Sorry for the slow drip lately plus recent vinyl requisitions

Hi all,

Sorry for the slow drip lately. I have been working on finishing up a project, the completion of my reference system. The 3 year process has taken 5 years, but is very near complete and will be ready by Jan 2019. Yes, I will go over the gear for giggles and the curious eventually. Of course, I will be getting back to putting up album reviews soon. I have also been thinking about getting a YouTube channel as well, still thinking on it.

Anyway, I wanted to show my recent album pickups:

This is just another of those collections of familiar songs by various artists done in a different way. I find such albums very interesting at times.

This behemoth is not too common. it was a collection given to upper management employees of Warner Bros at one time and never released for retail. It is composed of both popular music and soundtrack oriented music. I got it for less than the price on it due to condition of packaging, which I have since fixed up a bit. The records are in far better shape.

Got this box set of chamber music (one of my favorite sub-genres) for free. As usual with classical music, the records are near mint.

Yes, I am used to seeing this group doing covers, but I found this one, which appears to be original compositions. Should prove interesting.

Yes, I am a Sherlock Holmes fan, but for me Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce were the only Holmes and Watson for me. I have all the old Sherlock movies with them ans this box set ($2) makes a nice addition to my music library (although technically spoken word). Records in here are pristine.

Ok, I think my forever favorite version of Rush’s LPs are the 1990s remasters on CD for everything up to 1998.  Somehow, they just got everything right with those. However, being the big Rush fan I am as well as being a vinyl enthusiast and curator I have to try the older Rush LPs on vinyl and this is one of them in fact, one of the quintessential Rush LPs. The record is in a bit rougher shape than I thought, but I’ll see what I can do.

Well, well, well, what have we here? This is Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti as if you did not recognize it. I have been waiting and hunting for at least 3 years for this LP. Normally, one sees this one for around $40 in trashed condition. If you want a copy in good condition it will run around $90, very good condition, be prepared to pay well into 3 digits! I found this copy for $15! I normally never pay $15 for a used record, but in this case I had one shot and took it. Jacket condition is around G++, but has everything intact, all materials it came with included. The records themselves are in surprisingly good condition. Even before restoration I suspect a grade of about VG- or so. It is unusual to find this LP in that condition for that price. So it might be a bad pressing without any eyesight signs. I’ll know soon.

This was given to me by one of the dealers at my local record show who happens to be Russian. I speak very little Russian at the moment, but my background contains a fair amount of Russian. He gave me this just because I said a couple of words in Russian. Record and sleeve in NM condition.

I get lost collecting Chicago LPs. They just number their LPs for a title. I found that I don’t have this one. Chicago can rock hard if you stick with the older stuff.

I have no idea what the heck this is and that is why I bought it for $1. Another of those mystery records.

Heard one album by these guys and was hooked. Prog rock and I now own several Strawbs LPs so I had to get this to add to that

I have been waiting to find this one for a while. Finally got it and now just one more Byrds LP will complete the collection.

This group from the sixties did a few covers and some novelty tunes and the LP was $1, so why not?

This was part of a small selection of records handed to me by a lady from Germany! I have no idea what this sounds like, but it is a German pressing.

I’m not a fan of The Eagles, but this was among the selections from that lady and so for free I will restore it and listen. It is also the only domestic pressing in the stack.

I’m not really a fan of The Rolling Stones either, but this is a German pressing and free, so I’m open-minded enough to accept it, restore and listen.

You may recognize the label, the infamous K-Tel label, you know, the one who never made a good pressing. However, this is a German pressing as opposed to the domestic ones we always see. By the way, sadly, all the records this lady handed me were / are on sad shape, both covers and media. If I can’t restore these to at least listening level, then they can’t be restored.

Another record from this lady. This one is on the Parlophone label, Germany! Sadly, in sad shape, both jacket and LP. This looks to have been through a flood and possibly world war one, I don’t know. As with the rest of the records she handed me, I am throwing my entire cleaning / restoration arsenal at it.

This prog rock band sounds a lot like Yes. They are good too.

Another prog rock band of old that I am trying to collect.

Yes, we are getting there.

Another one the German lady handed me. Again, a German pressing, but this is on colored vinyl (White). That makes it hard to tell condition of the record, but I have given it the initial restoration work and did indeed make the white color brighter, which tells me contaminates are off! This also happens to be the only colored vinyl in my entire library.

Yes another from the German lady, This one is prog rock as to what I found out. What is interesting is that these are cover songs.

Lastly, we have this one from that lady. Again, German pressing, but sad shape so we will see what I can do.





What’s In The Record Bag January 2018

Yes, folks, it is that time. Time for another installment of What’s In The Record Bag. I actually only got 3 records in this trip to my almost monthly local record fair, but I am listing only two here. The third is a record I already have, but hopefully a better copy. I will get around to reviewing it later and figured I would just show the more interesting ones.

First, by now you know my predilection for picking up the strange record or certain sampler / various artist records. Here is the one for this time:

This second record is a box set of classical music. I have been listening to more classical music of late, but I already have a lot of classical on both vinyl LP (4 big box sets already) and CD and I was not looking for anymore except for some baroque. This set is not baroque, but it is very old, I estimate around the very early fifties. It is also original of course and pressed and printed in Germany. It was also $2, so I decided I would be stupid not to buy it!

Ok, that’s it for now.