What’s In The Record Bag – May 2018

Yup, it’s that time again, my monthly reconnoiter to my local record fair. While I didn’t get skunked this time, I did not get anything super exciting either. That said though, sometimes one gets surprised upon playback of records. That is part of the fun, you really never know.
So here is what was picked up and put into my record bag this trip: Continue reading

What’s In The Record Bag – March 2018

Yes, it is that time again – The March 2018 episode of What’s In The Record Bag.

I almost got skunked again with this month’s trip to my local record fair, but thankfully it eventually garnered 3 records. This haul slightly weird, but then so am I. (just kidding)

Ok, I will try to explain this one. I have been embracing part of my ethnic background of late and of course music is going to come into it at some point. (It always does with me).
There was a period of time when there were Russian pressings of some records. While I understand those pressings were awful, it would be interesting to own one. They are extremely rare and obviously this is not one of them. However, it is Russian music recorded in the USSR (Soviet times) and produced in the USA. Hey, it’s better than nothing. It is mainly classical of course, but Russians excel at classical. I have seen the Russian production of The Nutcracker way back in my youth. I won’t go see it now days because once you have seen the full Russian production, you are spoiled in the good sense of the phrase.
Ok, I probably did not do a good job explaining this pick up, but what do want for $2.50?

I had to get this because I had never seen it before and it is unique. This is a box set of classical music and while I need another classical box set like I need my eyes poked out, I picked it up because of Its unique packaging. First, it is from Neiman Marcus, yes, the clothing store/brand. The box is covered in a suede-like material and in good shape. The records inside are near mint as is usually the case with classical records. I picked up this 4 record set for $2.00, so why not?

Finally, this was on my wish list. I have been listening to Camel a number of times and like them enough to list their LPs on my wish list. It is not secret that I am a fan of Prog-Rock, so I cannot say “no”.

What’s In The Record Bag January 2018

Yes, folks, it is that time. Time for another installment of What’s In The Record Bag. I actually only got 3 records in this trip to my almost monthly local record fair, but I am listing only two here. The third is a record I already have, but hopefully a better copy. I will get around to reviewing it later and figured I would just show the more interesting ones.

First, by now you know my predilection for picking up the strange record or certain sampler / various artist records. Here is the one for this time:

This second record is a box set of classical music. I have been listening to more classical music of late, but I already have a lot of classical on both vinyl LP (4 big box sets already) and CD and I was not looking for anymore except for some baroque. This set is not baroque, but it is very old, I estimate around the very early fifties. It is also original of course and pressed and printed in Germany. It was also $2, so I decided I would be stupid not to buy it!

Ok, that’s it for now.