Changes – No, I’m not talking about David Bowie. Changes coming to the site

Hi Everyone,
Eric here, senior editor, head waiter, chief bottle-washer, etc, here at It’s About The Music.
I want to thank all my readers and subscribers for all your support and visits and “likes” and everything for the last 3 years or so. I would have no purpose for doing this labor of love (I do not get paid or make money at this, I have a regular job) were it not for you all!
The time has come for a change, a shift in the cosmos, if you will.
This site has become more of a kitchen sink, so I am making and launching a new site with its primary focus on music and more esoteric matters and how they relate. It is called Another catalyst pushing me is the hobby itself, it is like it is imploding. It becomes more and more uncivilized each week. You can’t bring civility to a culture or environment that doesn’t want it. So I have left that side of things to shift my focus more absolutely on music. Music is that vehicle which can bring that about social justice, kindness, real community, etc. as I have written briefly about before. It’s time to talk about why it is important and beneficial to re-engage and connect with music. It will be about the music and how it works in and with healing, environmental mood shift, emotions, etc. How music and the human spirit relate, the power of music on the human psyche and all related matters. Tossed in might be articles about psychology and such and related information all tied into music in some way. Yes, album reviews will still be a feature as well as they serve a large and good portion of it and I will also include some other mundane music matters. I plan on eventually even moving some of the advice and “how-to” articles to the new site, which will be in a different section. (There will be sections just like on this site for easy navigation, although the theme may look a bit different cosmetically). The whole core idea or mission will be to get folks to really listen and get what they are meant to get from the music they listen to.
Gone will be gear lists and info, writings about audio philosophy, discussions about MQA and other acronyms, etc. (I may stick reviews I did on my own gear someplace, but I am not sure). The gear and the related just don’t fit in the new mission or format. I had a good time in providing that info and service to everyone, but it is time to close that chapter.

The other nice thing about the new site and directional flavor is that I will not be under worrisome deadlines trying to keep up with whatever. In other words, it will be more like a regular blog than the semi-pro thing like before. At least, that should be how it feels to me anyway.

So with that said, I invite you to visit my new site and enjoy. That means all my wonderful readers from around the globe.
I look forward to seeing you all on the new site and interacting together.

PS: Yes, this site will remain up for a time, I predict through November at least, maybe longer, but it won’t be updated in favor of my other site.

New talent: Courtney Hadwin or perhaps proof of reincarnation?

Ok, you all need to see this:

How many of you remember or are familiar with Janis Joplin? Now how many of you believe in reincarnation? Why do I ask that?

Meet 13 year-old Courtney Hadwin or could it be Janis Joplin reincarnated?
This is Courtney Hadwin who just got the golden buzzer on AGT and you are about to see why.
Courtney is now 13 as I mentioned, she also has a severe social disorder. She can’t seem to express herself or comfortably talk with her schoolmates or anyone. She does just ok with her siblings according to her dad, but that is her best. However, when she sings she is a different person and character. She joined her school choir she says, so she could feel comfortable expressing herself so she would not have to talk. This all started when she was 9 or 10 and was in several contests including The Voice UK.

Watch her tear the place down in this video not only do you get the reactions of the judges and audience (you will feel a bit yourself too), but it is like watching a 13 year-old modern day Janis Joplin in every way (voice, mannerisms, etc.). It is not choreographed, this is the character Courtney invented to get her self through. However, it is uncanny with her facial expressions how much Janice Joplin is in it.

As if that was not convincing enough, she also does ballads in a Janice-like way:


Don’t become one of these type of people!

I have been wanting to write about this for a long time and was trying to find a way to be as cordial as possible, but……….there is not really a way to do that and most audiophiles keep proving that to me. So, with inspiration from a good guy and a recent experience, I decided it is time to blow the whistle as it were.

Sean at Zero Fidelity came up with the Seven Audiophile Sins in a recent video and it was just about the simplest and yet best editorial on the subject I have ever heard. (I actually came up with a number 8 “sin”). I think many of us can relate to at least one of them and if we are intellectually honest with ourselves we can also find at least one that we are or were guilty of. (By the way, I do recommend you check out Zero Fidelity. Sean does a great job talking about gear and such in a real world and very honest way).

I am not going to use the word “sin” though as it denotes oppressive religion. I’m going to use the term “defective thought”, that is really what it is.
So, I am going to break it down similar to the way I saw it and explain it from my own experiences and knowledge. This is not going to be a “bitch session” (well, maybe a tiny bit) or a call for a lynch mob or a doctrine of hate, because how is that different from the defective thought and behavior I am discussing in this article? This is more a note of awareness to avoid these behaviors, not only in others, but ourselves as well.
Besides just being unpleasant human traits that some have, the other reason is that I always hear complaints about how there are not enough folks in the “hobby” and that “we need to find ways to attract more people to it”. The problem is that there are two agendas to it and they are working against each other and therefore unless one is eliminated, we will be forever stuck on this treadmill. Agenda “A” is that of what could be likened to religion. It is the theory of “strength in numbers alone”. Just as with monotheistic religions who constantly complain that there are not enough members and then turn around and continue to be exclusive to remain in judgement of others instead of inclusive and fair. So it is with most audiophiles, they complain constantly how nobody is interested in the hobby and then run around like religious zealots, harshly judging others (even among themselves) and doing everything they can to remain exclusivity and “holier than thou” attitude keeping anyone interested in the hobby out of it while continuing to complain. By the way, that “harsh judgement” comes in a variety of topics: the biggest being money (income, budget, your existing system’s monetary worth, your choice in music, brand names, what you read, etc.).
The opposite agenda (we’ll call it Agenda “B”), we almost never see from these groups is the one that says, “hey, we can’t keep this goodness to ourselves, it brings so much happiness, we need to share it with others, so they can enjoy it too. We need to find a way to welcome new folks into the hobby genuinely”. So group/agenda “A” is selfish, exclusive, elitist, prehistoric, the good ol’ boys club (and by the way, exclusive to men as well, women are not allowed unless they serve as eye candy or some kind of receptionist function or something. That is almost a whole other subject too). Group/agenda “B” is sharing, kindhearted, fair, inclusive and evolved. Continue reading