The New Kirmuss Audio Ultrasonic RCM!

Finally an ultrasonic record cleaning machine done right!

I was watching a video from Axpona 2018 by Michael Fremer (always enjoy his videos). At one point he was showing some ultrasonic record cleaning machines that were there. It was the usual crowd from the ill-conceived to the “close but no cigar”. Then the last one he showed just stood out from the pack to me. As I watched and listened to the company owner demo and explain I thought, “Hey, I think I’ve just seen the first ultrasonic record cleaning machine done right”! The second I saw the implementation of the record handling, it hit me. I never thought I would see the day that someone not only made an ultrasonic record cleaning machine done right, but also not priced up in the stratosphere someplace! Well, that day has arrived! Continue reading

SQ Products Isol pads for your gear- nice and cheap

I ran across these isolation pads and while I don’t feel I need anything like this, I thought I would pass it along in case you do. Most all other isolation pads run big dollars, I’ve seen them go to four figures! What gets me is that they all do the same thing, none any different from the other except in looks. Here is why I am passing these along: These things are $25 for a set of four!

Status Audio CB-1 Headphones

(I just grabbed the picture from the website as I did not have my camera handy). Though the company has been around for about 4 years now (since late 2013), which may not seem like a long time to some, but it is more than long enough for most companies to have been heard of by most folks, I would bet that you have likely never heard of Status Audio. How is it that you may not have heard of them? Well, the company was founded in late 2013 in a Brooklyn apartment by James Bertuzzi and according to their website, the company was borne out of a passion for minimalism and a celebration of sound. The company’s tag line sums it up, “No Logos, No Celebrities, Just Sound” That is very different in the audio industry, not to mention defiant. It is actually quite refreshing in my opinion.
“The industry is steeped with old-school business practices, and the consumer is losing.  We sell directly to you online. No retail/distributor mark-ups, excessive marketing campaigns, or celebrity endorsements”. I could not have said it any better or plainer.  Continue reading