Hi, yes, it’s me, Eric, Editor-in-chief and head bottle washer from Itsaboutthemusic.com. I started this website about three plus years ago as I was on my quest to find better sound as well, without going to the poor house or bankrupt, but did not want to keep what I found to myself. More importantly, I was and still am more concerned about helping folks re-connect with their music.

I feel now after 3 plus years of doing so, that talking about audio gear, letting you know what high value-low cost gear is available out there in the highways and byways, talking about the industry, etc. is “mission accomplished” and I want to adjust more of the focus to my first passion and love and that is the music, which happens to be the reason for audio playback gear’s purpose for being. Frankly, being a “musicphile” rather than an audiophile, I grow weary of talking about the industry as well. I want to go back to the core mission, the reason for doing and talking about any of this, which is to encourage folks to connect with music again and listen, allowing music to work its magic.

I have been into music since a very young age and have always had a deep connection with it. (I’m a former musician myself). I have always naturally listened deeply to music and have always felt it as much as hear it, listening with my whole being instead of just my ears alone. I have always used music as an aid for healing emotionally, etc. I have also been fortunate in past to have been involved in the local music scene in various official capacities and even got to work for a couple of years as a Music Director and Associate Producer at a radio station. However, all that still does not make me an authority on all things audio of course. I’m just like you, with my experiences and opinions, some different and some similar. That said, because of my personal connection to and passion for music and the importance of it in my life (and everyone’s life really), I feel it more appropriate to focus more on music and it’s effects, especially in these times which we find ourselves in.

I have decided to rework this site so that it will be more focused on music itself and how it affects us and how it helps us, the sheer pleasure of it, etc. As it was/is at Itsaboutthemusic.com, the music is the important thing.
The overall goal is the same, which is to get folks to engage or re-engage and connect on a deep level with their music, allowing it to enrich and improve their lives.

So what will I be doing on this site? Of course, one of the main things will be album reviews, that is almost fundamental. One slight difference though will be that I am going to try to write them a bit differently than before. I want to approach that from a visceral view, if you will. I want to be more attentive to the music itself and its message and the messenger, the effect it has on the human psyche, etc.  In other words, I will not be including quite as much “tech talk” and won’t be “rating” them. To me “rating” the albums or music takes away from the intent of the artist and the music and can contribute to preconceived notions about whether or not you will like the music and such because of course, I can’t know what others resonate with or not. I’d rather approach music with a bit of an open mind and I want it to be the same for you.  In that way it may lead to more discovery. The purpose here will be more in line with more esoteric and bio info and of course helping you discover what works for yourself as well. Aside from the Bio info, the rest is subjective anyway. So of course, I will be able to tell you what I get from the music. You may get something similar or entirely different from your listening than I do. I’m just going to present my impressions, that is all any of us can do.

I will also be writing about music in general as I did before, but I also will be adding some more “mindful” stuff such as information about the mind and subjects such as mood, emotions, etc. and how it relates to or is influenced by music, etc.

Now because we still must have some tools and respect for music and our playback devices, I will be keeping my “how to” articles and such here as well (after all, organization and even clean records helps us). I may also keep and review any gear I own, just for giggles if nothing else.

So as far as mapping goes it will look like this:
Musical Messages & Messengers:
Sub menu: Musical Messages will be Album reviews and such.
Sub Menu: Messengers will have featured artists write ups.
Music & Mind Connections:
Sub menu: Magickal Music = Here I plan on having play lists and such
Sub menu: Discussions of mind = This will be articles about music and it’s effects and related things
Sub menu: Editorials, Etc. = This will be for everything that may not have direct connection to music, but may be equally important along with well, editorials and such.
Tools for music connection:
Sub menu: How To & Tips & such = Pretty self-explanatory.
Sub menu: My Tool Box = This will be for my gear I will share eventually for giggles.

So basically, the difference will be that there will be no gear listing, talk about things industry such as MQA, DSD, PCM FBI, UPS, IOU..(being silly with those last 3) or this verses that, etc. Everything else will be pretty much the same with only slight variations. This will also be a more casual blog now, which means I will post content as I can.