“Scrub-a-dub-dub” = Record Cleaning Machines (Updated)

Now if you are itching to try ultrasonic record cleaning there is now a far less costly way to do it that just requires a tiny bit of assembly. That way is called Cleaner Vinyl:
I don’t have any picture to show you because of its nature, it’s really a bunch of parts and you purchase your one tank. They have many models or packages to choose from. From the bottom these units will run about $200 plus another $130 to $170 for the tank to the top end of about $500 plus tank, so that is about $370 for the basic model to $670 for the top model.
Here is Michael Fremer of Analog Planet giving an in-depth demo and review:

i-Sonic P4875

This is a machine by i-Sonic. It does up to 5 records at a time.

The KirmussAudio Model KA-RC-1

This looks like the one above and the base is the same, but this is implemented differently and correctly. The company effectively calls their unit InTheGroove. They re-engineer the base unit to comply with all safety codes and specs while adjusting the heating to not be too hot. They invented and make a top for the tank where you slip your records (two 12-inch, one 10 inch and one 7 inch capacity) and they turn automatically. https://www.kirmussaudio.com/ultrasonic-vinyl-restoration-system-.html

So the point is that with all the potential diminishing returns that seem to be around every corner in the audio world, an RCM and quality record cleaning fluids is one of the best and safest investments you can make in achieving better sound.