Don’t become one of these type of people!

8) The Know-It-All = This is one of the most annoying traits. This guy is usually found in forums. This person has to always appear to be the smartest one in the room claiming to be expert but having no experience with the subject. This person is also engaged in deception, because they can be a pseudo-expert which means they can sound like an expert at first by borrowing what real experts have written, but then twisting that to fit the Know-It-All’s agenda. I ran into this on a consistent basis when I used to be in a couple of audio forums a few years back. (I have not even looked at a forum in at least four years and never will again. I also recommend anyone new or trying to learn something about the hobby to stay away from forums). The goal of the Know-It-All is to state and have everyone believe that their lack of experience opinion is fact. Just one example I have seen many times is someone will claim to be an expert on turntables or cleaning records (this one drives me nuts) or things analog and then it is found out that the person has never owned a turntable, has no records and sometimes has never owned any Hi-Fi.
The point to all this is to bring an awareness to it and serve as a note of caution to not engage in these behaviors ourselves. They can only bring ruin

Music is meant for the masses, to try to restrict it or weaponize it via these behaviors (or any other way), is the ultimate offense against humanity and society.