Don’t become one of these type of people!

7) The Deceiver – This is another nasty one. This usually lies in the category of “reviewers” and the like. The deceiver will lie and do what it takes to get gear for free or at greatly reduced cost. This person has no ethics. For example: There are reviewers out there both relatively unknown and well known who will get a piece of gear from a maker under the auspices of having it for review. Then they find a bunch of stuff they don’t like about it, but instead of letting readers know the cons as well as the pros or letting the manufacture know, they will write a glowing review of praise so that they can have the manufacture give them the gear for free. So, they have deceived the manufacture and the public and thus has done a disservice just to get free stuff. Another deception is fake dealers. We all know dealers get items at reduced cost, sometimes greatly reduced and sometimes moderately reduced. The idea is based on an honor system that is unfortunately not strengthened. The idea is to get the product in and sell it at a fair profit, not a gouge. What the “deceiver” will do, is go to the manufacture and claim that they are a dealer (somehow it goes unchecked or some form of fake dealer ID is passed) and get the item at “dealer cost”. The deception is that they really want it for themselves. Then they play with the gear for a time and then grow tired of it quickly and attempt to sell it off at a large profit. The deceit is that in order to get the gear at dealer cost one must agree to sell it in a reasonable amount of time and not keep it. This “time until sell” can be of some length, but not forever (usually up to 6 months max, depending on the item). When the manufacture checks in on it and it is a piece the fake dealer wants to keep, he produces a fake invoice and that is it. If this is not illegal, it should be! (Continued on next page)