Don’t become one of these type of people!

3) The Bragger – This is the person who does not know the difference between healthy pride and annoying bragging. This audiophile wears their money and gear like a badge of honor and won’t stop talking about it and telling everyone. He wraps himself in how much money he spent and the notion of how his gear is the very best over all others. It is one thing to be proud of acquiring gear or something you have always wanted. After all, you may have spent years saving up and worked very hard for it. Nothing wrong with that kind of pride. However, if you go beyond that you enter “bragger” territory. It’s like the guy who has a fancy expensive watch and is constantly flaunting it coming up with excuses to show it off again and again ad-nauseum.

4) The Hater – We are all wired different and while I may not be and have not been susceptible to all the other points of this list, I was not immune to this one! I spent several months as a Hater. It comes in two forms that are not mutually exclusive. One is hatred of those who have deep pockets and can afford high priced gear, or have it and hatred of gear based on a bad experience. I was the former. There is a variable with being a Hater of those whom have high priced gear though and that is usually that it is caused by environment such as the one who has said gear being a bragger or snob, etc. The problem with being the Hater though is broad-brushing and assumption. In other words, assuming those with expensive gear just had it handed to them or that they were born rich and are automatically snobs. How do we know at least some of those folks didn’t work hard for what they have? How do we know they may not be a snob and might be in fact, somewhat helpful or generous while we are busy assuming? Like I said, it took me several months a few years ago to learn not to be a hater.

5) The Worshipper – This is a person who will look at someone who has a super expensive system or a well-known reviewer or even just a well-known audio magazine and automatically think that person is an audio guru who knows everything or that one magazine is the last word. This is just silly and foolish. It can lead to disappointment, limited knowledge, no choices and even financial trouble. Think about it, if a person is busy worshipping someone who has expensive gear, automatically thinking they must know everything, but the “worshipper” does not have the same bankroll, needs and certainly not the same ears, then what good is it? For example, the subject of worship has a $100K system, the worshipper knows they cannot ever afford such a system, one of two things are likely to happen. A) The worshipper eventually gets discouraged and gives up trying to improve their system entirely and then gives up on listening to music because they think they are not good enough. B) The worshipper goes into debt up to their eyeballs and ends up destroying their lives and all that goes with that and suffers severe diminishing returns on top of it. This is what makes this trait bad.
6) The Cynic – Ok, there is a difference between being cynical and being skeptical. Skepticism is healthy. The skeptic asks questions, searches for truth, and approaches things from an open angle to learn. The cynic has already made up their mind before asking anything or gathering information or knowledge. The cynic is also very much a pessimist and thinks all audio gear and even music sucks based on perhaps one experience and just goes around voicing that opinion. If you find yourself slipping into this attitude, take a break from the hobby for a while and perhaps come back in with new eyes later. (Continued on next page)