The New Kirmuss Audio Ultrasonic RCM! (Updated info)

Introducing an ultrasonic record cleaning machine that is re-engineered and implemented correctly and for well less than four figures! This machine called “IN THE GROOVE ULTIMATE ULTRASONIC RECORD RESTORATION SYSTEM” aka Model KA-RC-1 by Kirmuss Audio changes not only my opinion of using ultrasonics to clean records because it is now possible to do it correctly, but also with the price point of this machine, makes it more accessible to more people, including yours truly.

So, in delight of seeing this machine demoed via the video I saw that Michael Fremer did of Axpona this year, I called the company and ordered one. (When I called, Charles Kirmuss himself, answered the phone. We had a good discussion as he took me on a verbal tour of the machine again and sharing his passion about the Hi-Fi industry and that people deserve affordable products so they can have more enjoyment of their music too. My brain recorded that verbatim as it was tuned right to my frequency).

Yes, I finally stepped into the world of ultra sonic record cleaning!

First, I want to point out the description the company uses to describe it. they call it “IN THE GROOVE ULTIMATE ULTRASONIC RECORD RESTORATION SYSTEM”.(TM) My only reservation to this name is the word “restoration”. It is a foregone conclusion that most people interpret that word to be synonymous with “make like new again”. If you are working with used records, there is nothing that can make them “like new” again. So while they do mention in the literature that they mean “cleaning system”, I wish they would use that term only so people don’t feel this great machine over-promised and under-delivered at least. (*NOTE: It does make records “sound” very close to “new” provided one is not dealing with a damaged record in the first place).

Ok, that disclaimer out-of-the-way, I will now tell you my findings after using it for the first time this past weekend (05/06/18). (Continued on next page)