Arguments over acronyms

It seems to me that the audio world/hobby/call it what you want goes through a seemingly endless hallway of arguments over acronyms. It’s like a hotel hallway with an argument behind every door in every room. If it is isn’t PCM, its DSD, if it isn’t DSD, its MQA, DTS, SOFET, …………… It was enough with CD, LP, SACD, DVD. Even other acronyms are added all the time and then there is cute stuff like WAF. Even music titles and artists are now acronyms such as DSOTM (Dark Side Of The Moon) and PF (Pink Floyd).
It’s enough to make you want to say you can’t give an IOU to UPS for a COD or they might call the FBI..ha ha ha.

All kidding aside, it seems to me that this is not limited to the audio hobby, but part of everything now, business, everyday language, etc. It is as if while non-native English speakers dedicate themselves to learning the English language, native English speakers have all but given up on their own language. With everyone talking in acronyms, it is no wonder nobody understands each other.
The point here is that partly because of lack of understanding each other with all this tossing around of acronyms, there are more arguments. Not necessarily from the acronyms in and of themselves, but the way they are used as subjects. For example: There was a period of time not too long ago when there was endless arguing about PCM vs DSD and even DSD itself. That has not gone away but has dimmed a bit, but it will be back I’m sure. Not long ago the MQA arguments started and are still going. The arguments are not based on the acronyms themselves but based on a lack of understanding what they are and a refusal to look at the evidence at hand. In other words, a refusal to self-educate and believe and put faith in hyperbole over facts. (Personally, I have no dog in the fight and could care less about MQA, DSD, Etc. What concerns me is communication and intellect).

It seems to me that all this arguing over acronyms and gear and what have you is not only a result of a breakdown in communication in general, but seems to be by design as well resulting in a complete disconnect from music and the purpose of it and the gear on which it is played. All the time and energy spent on arguing over acronyms, formats, gear, etc. is time and energy taken away from the whole purpose of listening to music and benefiting from that. Music is communication and language. Those whom spend more time arguing over acronyms, gear and the like obviously have no respect for music and are not interested in letting music speak or benefiting themselves and letting others benefit from music. In my opinion, this is about as shameful as you can get.

So I encourage you to ignore all those whom engage in such fighting. I don’t care who they work for or with or who everyone thinks they are, if they are engaging or feeding such arguments, fights or trying to divide people, ignoring music then what is the point in listening to them if they are only going to be killjoys. Music is the all important point and end game, don’t lose sight of that.