Status Audio CB-1 Headphones

(I just grabbed the picture from the website as I did not have my camera handy). Though the company has been around for about 4 years now (since late 2013), which may not seem like a long time to some, but it is more than long enough for most companies to have been heard of by most folks, I would bet that you have likely never heard of Status Audio. How is it that you may not have heard of them? Well, the company was founded in late 2013 in a Brooklyn apartment by James Bertuzzi and according to their website, the company was borne out of a passion for minimalism and a celebration of sound. The company’s tag line sums it up, “No Logos, No Celebrities, Just Sound” That is very different in the audio industry, not to mention defiant. It is actually quite refreshing in my opinion.
“The industry is steeped with old-school business practices, and the consumer is losing.  We sell directly to you online. No retail/distributor mark-ups, excessive marketing campaigns, or celebrity endorsements”. I could not have said it any better or plainer. 

The money saved on advertising and marketing alone is enough to make a big impact on cost distribution allowing much more to be put into design and production where it should be. Status audio is not the first audio company to sell directly online to consumers, but it is not a common practice in the audio industry.

Since there is no branding on the company’s products, you can bet that they would be rejected by most audiophiles without a second thought. The rest of us know that brand and price does not automatically denote good sound.

As I have mentioned in other articles, I am not a fan of headphones personally, I’m a full-range speaker guy, just wired that way I guess. However there are moments when headphones become necessary, such as listening without disturbing others, audio engineering type work, etc.
In looking for a couple of pair for myself over time I quickly discovered that in general, headphones are over-priced, over-marketed, and too often under-deliver. It is interesting that Status Audio feels the same way. When you get down to it most headphones are all plastic or mostly plastic with few exceptions. So it is never a good feeling paying stratospheric prices for plastic and something that is lackluster in either comfort or sound or both, in other words, something that does not live up to claims from reviewers or the maker themselves. This is also defined as diminishing returns. I first heard about these headphones as I was searching YouTube for something recently. I watched a short review and the reviewer was giving these praise.

When I learned the price of these cans after reading and viewing dozens of reviews all saying essentially the same thing, I had to get a pair to try out. When I need headphones, I am always attracted to well balanced ones, tight articulate bass, mids with good presence without being exaggerated and non-harsh highs without cliff drops at either end of the spectrum. (I’m looking at you Sennheiser).  Of course, the other important aspect is comfort. I like around-the-ear cans with just enough clamping force to be comfortable. I won’t get too much into the weeds because I don’t study headphones. I will leave that up to the folks at Head-Fi and Innerfidelity. (Continue on next page)