Digital covers for analog gear..wait, what?


I’m talking about gear covers. Do you have a turntable with a lid that you wish you could get a protective or aesthetic cover for? Perhaps you have a tape deck or speakers or other gear you would like a cover for.

After setting up my new shelving system and placing the equipment on it, I looked at my Denon turntable and thought, “how nice would it be to have a protective cover so I would not have to battle dust so much on the lid and front and would look tidy when not in use”? I have actually been thinking about this for about two years meaning to get to the sewing machine and crafting myself a cover for that turntable and my other tables. Well, we all know that I will never really have the time to do that. So I looked around on line, starting with Amazon, which presented me with a couple of choices. One was about $20 and the other around $29. Both were from Technics and had to be imported from the UK. The less expensive one turned out to only fit certain Technics tables and I have a Denon. The other was a “universal cover” from Technics, but how do I know it would fit my table? Sure, I could take measurements, but there was at least one measurement that would be way off. I decided to google “turntable covers” and was led to Digital Deck Covers.

These guys make covers in a variety of materials for just about every turntable there is from vintage to modern. I was easily able to find the pattern for my table. The nice thing is that all covers are custom made and the same price as what I found on Amazon. The company is based and manufactures in Denver CO. If they do not have your particular brand and model pattern, they will custom make a cover for you if you send dimensions and pertinent information and there is no extra charge. I found patterns for all three of my turntables. Like I said, they don’t have universal covers. Each cover is custom made to order. Customer service is great as well. I emailed them at first with a question and instead of waiting a day as I expected, I got a response in less then an hour. This happened each time. When you place your order they verify with you all the information about the dimensions, etc. and there is even a spot for any special instructions. Once verified they get to work.

When choosing your cover material, if requested, they will even send you swatches of each material! I did not need to do this as I was able to determine which material to go with based on my needs and a quick question to customer service. At $27 to $29 each for the material I chose, I decided to just order covers for all three of my tables, saved about $6 on shipping doing that too. I chose their premium vinyl material. There are more expensive and less expensive materials, but the premium vinyl met my needs best and was only $2.50 extra. The only downside with that material, if it is a downside, is that it only comes in black. Other materials offer at least 3 colors and more to choose from. Black works for me though as it especially matches my shelving and such.
All covers come with the company name embroidered on the front, but you can request that it not be on the cover at time of order and they are happy to do so at no extra charge. Too bad though that they can not embroider your equipment brand or model due to copyright and other legal restrictions. For my order, I had them leave the embroidered company name on my Denon cover, but remove it for the other two tables. I just did that as I felt to honor them for being a source for such a thing and since my Denon table is in my living room, that is the one to leave the branding on. Why not?

The first thing you will notice when you get your cover(s) and take them out of the packaging, at least with the vinyl material, is the smell. It is strong and smells like it should be toxic. It is not toxic of course (otherwise the material could not be offered), but I would not recommend taking deep inhales of it either. The smell almost entirely goes away after 24 hours of being on your turntable or whatever piece of gear you got the cover for. I don’t know about the smell of the other materials they offer, but it is probably not as bad as the vinyl. It is not that big a deal though because like I said, it is soon gone.

All the covers they have can be cleaned, some can even be washed in the laundry. For the vinyl, one just wipes it off with a damp rag. The premium vinyl has an almost flannel like backing so it is nice and soft against you gear which in the case of near pristine or pristine turntable lids is important so as to not scratch them. This is mainly why I chose the material. The general or overall reason I wanted covers is because not only to protect the luckily pristine lids i have from scratches and such, but in the case of my Denon, the lid is thin plastic, unlike the thick acrylic ones on my Pioneer tables and when enough dust gets on my Denon lid it is a challenge to clean. (Somehow the dust likes to stick to that lid). So, having a cover will help that issue.

The construction is well made, seams straight and even, no glaring flaws in workmanship could I detect. The fit and finish of all three covers I got are right on target. They fit very neatly on my tables.

The company makes covers for a variety of equipment from turntables to receivers/amps to reel to reel tape decks, DJ equipment, even speakers, music keyboards and guitar amps to TVs, computers, including keyboards, tower cases and monitors and printers. They even make covers for video game systems.

If you have been looking for a cover for your turntable or wanting a cover for any gear I just listed, then Digital Deck Covers is the place for that.