What’s in the record bag – November 2017

Hello everybody, it is time for another episode of “What’s in the record bag”. This time is for November 2017. I just returned from my local record fair. After months of being skunked or very slim picks, I finally did pretty well this time. So let me show you what I picked up.

This LP has been on my wish list for a while and I finally got it. I have seen this LP several times there, but the price was always much higher than it should be considering condition, etc. I finally ran across a copy that was far more reasonable. Of course I can’t see into the grooves and it does look dirty, which is expected, but there don’t appear to be any groove depth scratches and such, so I have hopes of restoring this to listenable or better.

I always get excited when I find records like this. This one features covers of Simon and Garfunkel, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater revival, Donovan, The Beatles, Cream, etc. All done in a jazz flavor, so this was a mandatory purchase, beside the fact that I could not go wrong with price, which was a mere $2.

Here is another one from my wish list I found. This was the second wish list find, so by then I knew I was doing well.

Alright, so what? You know the drill with me.

Ok, you know me and you know I just had to get this to try it out at least.

You know my penchant for the obscure, which is what led me to pick this one up.

This one pretty much completes all The Who I wanted to get in my collection. No, that is not a destroyed cover you are looking at. That’s the way they came, made that way on purpose.

Lastly, this is another one from my wish list I finally picked up. One more LP and my Byrds section will be complete.