Bread – Debut LP

Artist: Bread

Genre: Soft Rock
Title: self-titled
Format: Vinyl
Musicians:David Gates – Hammond organ, bass, guitars, percussion, piano, violin, keyboards, RMI electric piano, viola, vocals, Moog synthesizer, James Griffin – vocals, guitars, percussion, keyboards, Robb Royer – guitar, percussion, piano, RMI electric piano, recorder, flute, bass, backing vocals, Ron Edgar – drums, Jim Gordon – drums
Producer: Bread
Engineer: Bruce Botnick

Bread was an American soft rock band from Los Angeles, California.The band consisted of David Gates (vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, violin, viola, percussion), Jimmy Griffin (vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion) and Robb Royer (bass guitar, guitar, flute, keyboards, percussion, recorder, backing vocals). On their first album session musician Jim Gordon played drums, percussion, and piano. Mike Botts became their permanent drummer when he joined in the summer of 1969, and Larry Knechtel replaced Royer in 1971, playing keyboards, bass guitar, guitar, and harmonica.

The album’s cover, with whimsical depictions of the band members photos on paper currency, refers to contemporary slang equating “bread” to money. This LP is an example of “stereo” done right. Very well recorded.

Side One:
1. “Dismal Day” – This was a hit for them. I like this song except for the high note “wooos” at the end of every verse.
2. “London Bridge” – This was a minor hit for the band. David Gates wrote this after reading about the London Bridge being auctioned off and moved to Arizona.
This song marked one of the first uses of a Moog Synthesizer on a Pop record. Paul Beaver of the pioneering synthesizer duo “Beaver & Krause” programmed it, and David Gates played the part on a keyboard.
3. “Could I” – This is one of the few Pop-Rock songs for this group, which falls under the subgenre of “pop-rock”. It has some interesting time changes.
4. “Look at Me” – I like this acoustic ballad, note the flute used in this one.
5. “The Last Time” – This is one of my favorites and one of their harder songs. This song has a really nice flow to it, it is well structured with good lyrics and the band is on point instrumentally. There is a great bridge in this song with an interesting time change to it.
6. “Any Way You Want Me” – This was another hit for the band and it has an interesting time change in it. Not one of my favorites, but a good song.

Side Two
1. “Move Over” – This song sounds like an attempt at as psychedelic flavored song. In my opinion, it isn’t very good and exhibits an over-use of filtered reverb effect, which makes the sound a bit thin. (I’m not deducting a star for this one song though).
2. “Don’t Shut Me Out” – This is another of my least favorite songs. It is well performed, but annoying at the same time, even despite the cowbell.
3. “You Can’t Measure the Cost” – This is a good song with an interesting structure. It starts out as a ballad and then goes up-tempo a few measures in then there is this strange time signature eventually and then it goes back to a ballad and repeats. A very interesting song.
4. “Family Doctor” – This slightly Country flavored song is not the best, but the lyrics are interesting.
5. “It Don’t Matter to Me” – This  song was another hit off this LP. It’s a good song with good lyrics in my opinion.
6. “Friends and Lovers” – This one is just OK. This song is about meeting different people in life and how as time goes on, people disappear from your life, even friends and lovers you’ve known for years.


The Last Time:
You Can’t Measure The Cost:

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