Gordon Lightfoot – The Way I Feel

Artist: Gordon Lightfoot
Title:The Way That I Feel
Released: Original date: 1967, My copy: 1970
Label: United Artists
Format: Vinyl
Musicians: Gordon Lightfoot – Guitar, Piano, vocals, Red Shea – Lead Guitar
John Stockfish – Bass, Kenneth A. Buttrey – Drums, percussion, Charlie McCoy – Harmonica, celesta, bells
Producer:John Court

The Way I Feel is the second studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, originally released in 1967 on the United Artists label.

Unfortunately, it is on the United Artist label. While slightly better than the Classic releases, Volume 1 and 2, this is still a sub-par pressing, which is typical of United Artists. There is also poor channel balance for some reason, which not having heard the CD version tells me it is either in the mix or something went wrong with the lacquer or something in mastering.

“If You Got It”
“Softly” –This is not his best work. It is more of a pop ballad and he uses far too much vibrato in his voice.
“Crossroads” – This is more an example of the Gordon Lightfoot I prefer. This is sort of a story song.
“A Minor Ballad”
“Go-Go Round”
“Home From the Forest”
“I’ll Be Alright”
“Song for a Winter’s Night”
“Canadian Railroad Trilogy” – This is one of the more known songs and a classic.
“The Way I Feel” – This track surprised me. I was expecting a soft ballad, but this song is really a sixties groove and not bad.


Canadian Railroad Trilogy: https://youtu.be/WKToHmimhgs

The Way That I Feel: https://youtu.be/4vecISxMuSU

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