Alternatives – Various Artists

Artist: Various
Genre: Rock
Title: Alternatives
Released: 1970
Label:Warner Bros
Format: Vinyl
Artists: Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, James Taylor, Grateful Dead, John Sebastian, Mothers Of Invention, Gordon Lightfoot, Arlo Guthrie, Jethro Tull, Joni Mitchell, Small Faces, Tim Buckley, Graham Bond, Van Morrison

Here we have another various artists LP. What can I say? These things just attract me, although I am somewhat choosy in the ones I pick up. This LP is on the revered Warner Bros “green” label and the sonics are excellent as expected.

The standouts for me start with the first track on side one: Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze. This is the first time I have ever heard a good pressing of any Jimi Hendrix song on vinyl. That is at least as far as original pressings go, I don’t know about the expensive reissues of late. I have heard several Hendrix LPs and all of them has horrible sound quality no matter what system they were played on. Somehow, the folks at Warner Bros back in 1970 were able to make a good pressing here.
I have the first LP from James Taylor where this song “Suite for 20G” appears. (You can find my write up of that here:
The version on this compilation LP is different from the original version and I read someplace that this song was redone after appearing on his first LP. I like the version here better.

Pay attention to the guitar riff in the Small Faces song on here, it is a twin image of a Led Zeppelin riff of which song I am having trouble recalling, but you may figure it out.

Side One:
1 –The Jimi Hendrix Experience -Purple Haze
2 –Neil Young With Crazy Horse* -Cinnamon Girl
3 –James Taylor -Suite For 20 G
4 –The Grateful Dead -New Speedway Boogie
5 –John Sebastian -Rainbows All Over Your Blues
6 –Mothers Of Invention* -Directly From My Heart
7 –Gordon Lightfoot -Minstrel Of The Dawn

Side Two
1 –Arlo Guthrie -Creole Belle
2 –Jethro Tull -Reasons For Waiting
3 –Joni Mitchell -Woodstock
4 –Small Faces -Around The Plynth
5 –Tim Buckley -Happy Time
6 –Graham Bond -Neighbour Neighbour
7 –Van Morrison -Into The Mystic


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