What’s In The Record Bag Sept 2017

Yes, it is time for another edition of “What’s In The Record Bag”. After getting skunked the last few times I attended my local record fair, I finally got to not only shop instead of giving impromptu lessons and lectures, but actually managed to pick up a few selections.

What?…….By now you guys know I’m a bit weird and listen to many different genres and here is more proof. Every record library or collection needs a bit of exotica in it, doesn’t it?

Ever since I recently listened to their LP titled “Ghosts” (review to come on that), I see a Strawbs LP and I must at least consider picking it up if I do not have it. Yes, the band is that good. This one is a true promo with white label and all. Does that make it super special or super high quality? No, not really. It just increases the chances that it has been played perhaps once or there may be something that did not make it to the final mass production, but that is rare. Usually it’s just a record like all the rest.

I really only picked this one up in the hope that it is better than the copy I currently have, we’ll see.

Sorry about the blurry picture, but the white part of the cover was giving my camera fits. I did not know about this LP by Lighthouse, it appears to be a live double album, so I could not resist.

That’s the thing with shopping used records folks, it can often times be a gold mine because much of the stuff you see will never be re-issued and besides, where is the fun in paying $30 for a new single record anyway? By buying used you are also saving bits of history and significance.

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