The greatest benefit of music

One of the greatest benefits of music!
I have had my blog/site for about two and a half years now, almost three and while I was studying and researching music and the audio industry long before becoming a journalist, nothing much seemed to happen beyond my enjoyment until then.
In my previous articles about music and it affects and benefits us as people I mentioned at least once that music is a form of communication, a universal language if you will and how it can bring people together even just through listening to music. How does it do it? I believe the concept that we all vibrate at different frequencies and that is what makes us attracted or repelling to each other. The more our frequencies match with each other the more attracted we are to each other and visa-versa. We are in control of our frequencies to a degree and can change them from time to time. It is not an instant process, but can be done. Music has the ability to also change our frequencies because it effects our emotions, moods, dispositions and mind-sets as we listen.

My friend Michael Fremer of made mention in passing in one of his videos, how vinyl records have benefited his life by allowing him to meet people from many walks, including what we would consider special individuals from all over the world and how he feels that if it were not for vinyl records and music, that never would have happened. He is right and I would say that it is music, more than just the medium of vinyl alone that affords this benefit.
When I started my journalistic endeavors, one of the first things I noticed upon checking the stats of my site was how many of my readers were and are from outside the borders of the country I reside in. While that may have somewhat surprised me, but being a cosmopolitan individual, it also delights me.
In the relatively short time I have been doing this, I have finally now, managed to meet one of my readers from another country and we talk frequently. On the surface it may seem no big deal, but when you realize the education one receives for free and is better than a 4 year study of lies in a classroom or campus setting, it becomes very special, very quickly. I am also what can be called an “aware” individual. That is not someone who is all-seeing or knows everything, but is just someone who can look at things from different angles, questions what they see or hear at times and/or does not put up barriers to educating themselves.

In this case “blogging” was the vehicle and music was the cause. One day, I went into the “Reader” on my host’s site and was looking at a few other blogs (something I rarely ever have time to do) and ran across a post about languages and music put up by a blogger in Russia, but written in English. It was a fascinating read and I decided to comment on it. Then noting she could write and communicate in English as well, we started talking a little in the comments and eventually decided to move to email and now we talk via voice and have a beautiful friendship! With that friendship comes learning about each other and each other’s countries and everything and lots of sharing. While I knew everything I have been shown about (Russia, in this case and the Russian people) from the TV and news media in all forms in the country I live in has been wrong, my friendship confirms my findings. I got to make friends with a beautiful warm, loving individual from Russia! I get to learn more about her and life in Russia, what things are really like and she gets to learn the same from me… It’s called life education. More importantly, it is humanity…and that’s what music can do, open up doors of communication and bring folks together… and that’s how music benefits my life!!

One gets to learn about the world around them through music. One gets to make friendships! One gets to discover new things and all of that and more will bring more positivity to your life.

Here’s the bonus news: It can benefit your life the same way of you allow it!

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