2017 – The Year Of The Hi-Fi Audio Show

Coming to a location near you?

Of course we have all heard of Chinese New Years and similar cultures that have titles such as Year of the Cat, Year of the Dragon, etc. Well, now we have 2017, the Year of the Audio Show.
This year started with the audio show that runs parallel to CES, we also have the relatively new Montreal Audio Fest, Axpona in Chicago, Munich’s High End show, the new LAAS in Los Angeles, Capital Audiofest, California Audio Show in the Bay area, CEDIA Expo in San Diego, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Toronto AudioVisual Entertainment Show Chester group UK New York show, T.H.E. Show Anaheim, there is even a show in Hong Kong and Poland and believe it or not there are even more,wow! I’m not going to list them here, you can google “audio shows in (insert location)” or “Hi-Fi shows (insert location)”. Also look around the internet and you will see advertising for them. I’ll be telling you about my local audio show in the coming weeks.

Now from a behind the scenes, industry and not to mention financially practical perspective, especially for the exhibitors, having so many shows in a short span of time may well be a problem mostly due to scheduling, logistics and expense that ultimately limits which manufactures and such can exhibit at what shows. I recently read an article (I won’t say where) that talked about 2017 being a year full of so many audio shows both in US an abroad almost one after the other as being a negative thing and basically serving as a wet blanket or a rain on a parade.
There is plenty of negative press about audio shows and here at It’s About The Music we like to try to be balanced and inject some existing positive where needed, so let me introduce the seldom talked about positive aspects. Having all these shows, even though somewhat crowded together and challenging for exhibitors, for the attendee, potential attendee and consumer, it is good times! Those who are enthusiasts and beyond can attend more than one show, if so inclined. Those who have always wanted to go to an audio show, but never have, may have that easier opportunity now. Heck, even those who might be bored, looking for something to do on a weekend may discover one near them.

Why just read about audio shows when you can attend one!
The old audio shows for only the wealthy and eccentric are rapidly becoming relics of the past. These days, changes are afoot. More and more fine or high-end audio makes are slowly coming out with more affordable versions of their finer products with very little to no compromise from their higher line. These are not products one will find in big box stores or what have you. These are products that are either sold direct or through “audio dealers and high-end shops”.
Yes, some makes will still only cater to those with the deepest pockets and that’s fine, we need those companies. Today though, there are some of the same makes of high-end audio gear that are putting out fantastic value to the rest of us. I’m not talking about fantasy in trying to believe that by today’s economic calculations a $10,000 phono cartridge or $30,000 amp is all of a sudden the bargain of the year, as some would have us believe. I’m talking about actual, real, in existence affordable fine audio gear.

So how does one find this stuff and how does one see much of it in one place and learn about it? (Continue reading on next page)