Project has hit it out of the park now!

Michael Fremer of Analog Planet was at the CES 2017 show this past weekend and showed us that Pro-Ject Introduced Many New Turntables and Phono Pre-Amps there, most coming soon. Watch this video he did:

Here is the link to his article as well: (As always, used by kind permission – thank you Michael -and John Atkinson)

Very exciting news and stuff coming from Project! Here is some of what we can look forward to coming very soon from them:

They already have a Beatles turntable-1964 edition (inspired by the Ron Howard Beatles movie) available exclusively I understand at Best Buy/Magnolia center. It is a Debut Carbon Espirt SB with a custom plinth or base for $650

They have also are coming out with the Essential III, which is their lowest priced, entry-level turntable. The Essential II was that with a particle board and plastic plinth/base and platter, but the new third version is a much better MDF base and platter and a new diamond cut aluminum pulley and comes with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. (The Essential II had an OM 5 cart).

They are also now offering upgrades to the Elemental turntable, which is another entry-level offering they have had for some time. You can now get a MDF base a nice thick acrylic dust cover and an acrylic platter and step the Elemental up a couple of notches. I do not know price of these items, but knowing Project, it will be very reasonable, downright affordable.

Then there is the new Debut Record Master which is based on the Debut Carbon and comes in two flavors. One is I guess “regular” with USB and Phono out and the other is Hi-Rez with a premium platter, Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, Premium carbon tonearm and the ability to digitize your records with a preamp with line level control, digital, USB and analog output. The regular model is said to be $399 for painted and $449 for Walnut veneer and the Hi-Rez model to be about $599 to $699 TBD.

The there are two new phono preamps that look fantastic. The Phonobox DSII is a phono stage with recording ability to 24 bit. It has digital, USB and analog output plus two analog/phono inputs. Also, all controls for loading, etc are on front! It looks like something that should cost four figures easily, but is said to run at $500 to $600 TBD. The other DSII is a tube output phono stage with no recording ability, but has a continuous EQ loading. It is slated to run around $699.

Finally, there is the Classic SB table which has a metal base in a MDF plinth, metal platter with leather mat and a Blue Point MC cartridge and comes with a nice machined clamp that will run about $1400

Also it appears that all the turntables above the Essential line up, now have electronic speed control! Wow! No more changing belts by hand.

Fabulous stuff!

I personally have my eye on the DS II phono stage and can hardly wait for someone to review it. “Michael Fremer, paging Michael Fremer, please pick up the white courtesy review product phone”.