Another new turntable brought to market! Shinola Runs Well

I saw this a couple of days ago or so on and wanted to share it with you.

Yes, another new turntable is coming to market. See? This vinyl/analog thing is not going to go away anytime soon. I say GREAT!
A company in Detroit known for bicycles and other items has decided to come out with a turntable and come out they did! This thing is beautiful! Here is a pic:
runwellIt is called the Runwell turntable and they are messing around either. It is also available in gorges black. The whole thing with tonearm and cartridge will cost you $2500. That is a nice price for a table like this. This is no ordinary table. For example, its electronics are modular. That means should you decide you want to have a built-in phono preamp for example, you simply order one from the company and swap out the existing electronics in a simple module and done, Plug-N-Play!

I’ll let Michael Fremer of take it from here (with kind permission) as he got to tour the place and everything.