What’s In The Record Bag?: November 2016

Yes, it is that time again, time for another installment of “What’s In The Record Bag”! This is the last one of the year. We will pickup again in January 2017.

So this last 2016 episode contains a nice little haul of 13 records, so let’s see what’s in the record bag:

dscf0262 I just listened to an reviewed this group’s LP titled Closer To The Ground and was not expecting to hear what I did. It was a fantastic LP, so I spotted this one, which appears to be their Debut LP and picked it up.

dscf0250 This disturbing LP cover came at the cost of $1. I just got it for kicks, I mean don’t you just feel like a shot of Cajun music once in a while? Well, don’t ya?

dscf0251 Ok, while we are here, yes I bought a Neil Diamond LP (in fact, I bought four of them). Time for confessions, everyone has a few secret pleasures in music that they are afraid to admit. Come on, let’s have them. Seriously though, when one is really into music a good song is a good song even if you don’t care for the artist much or even the genre and Neil Diamond knew how to write a song and wrote for many artists we favor. Some of the songs he performs himself are really very good and would sound weird from someone else and of course, the opposite is true with some of his other songs. There are many releases from Neil Diamond I can’t stand, but the ones I selected are the stand outs to me. (I had a friend who was the biggest Neil Diamond fan ever and so I was well exposed to the music). Besides, you can’t go wrong for $1.

dscf0252 Alright, let’s get this out of the way. This is the next one I picked up. I got all the Neil Diamond LPs I selected for $1 each. Neil Diamond also used to put on a fairly good show and his live LPs are well done. This one was at the Troubadour.

dscf0254 Yeah, sorry about this picture. For some reason my camera kept freaking out trying to take it and would not correct. Perhaps it does not like this LP? Love At The Greek is one of Neil Diamond’s more famous performances and I was there, dragged along by my friend at the time. I still remember it and it was interesting despite having just ok seats.

dscf0257 Who’s that hippy?! That is Neil Diamond during his rock era I guess. Kidding aside, this is actually one of the best live LPs ever done.

dscf0259 dscf0260 Ok, last Neil Diamond LP, I promise. I wish they had called this LP Stoned, but just for my humor. Anyway, note I also show the back cover. This is because the later reissues do not have the string closure. I’m not sure why they did this, but it makes it easy to tell an original pressing from a later re-make.

dscf0248 There was this dollar sale, see and… Ok, there really was so I picked this up because I had never heard of this or seen it and could not tell what it was. I was not sure if it was music or some silly soundtrack or what. I also wanted something for spending an hour digging. I later looked at the back cover again and noticed that this was produced by Mama Cass Elliot. I had no idea she did this and The Mamas & Papas are one of my favorites. Ok, it was also a little weird and you know how I am about that, got to get it especially for a buck.

dscf0249 I simply could not believe I found this for $1. This is one of those LPs that is very hard to find and next to impossible to find for $1! The last one of these I saw was a year ago in beat up condition for $25. (If you are strictly a collector don’t read this next bit). While I may realize the value or rarity of some albums, I am not a collector. I buy albums to play and enjoy them, in my mind that is what they are made for, not to sit on a wall to be stared at hoping they fetch a million dollars some day.

dscf0253 I love trains and train songs, so how could I resist picking this up?! My only question is why is that as picture of a train super-imposed on a wine rack? Must have something to do with the label.

dscf0258 I got this because I used to study Egyptology and like the imagery. Ok, that’s not the real reason. I really did study Egyptology for a time, but I am actually familiar with a couple of songs on this LP and always liked them and for $2, it was a no-brainer.

dscf0261 I picked this up because it now completes the whole series of these I now have.

dscf0263 Lastly, you know how I am about not being able to resist picking up the occasional weird record. This record was actually put out by an old department store in the US long since gone now called Montgomery Ward. According to reading the back cover they were trying to attract the teen crowd. This is not a various artists record, but rather instrumental versions of the hits listed. I wonder if they had planned on using them in their stores for overhead music? So, yeah, it pinged my “weird” meter.

Ok, well, that’s it for the year folks for this feature. I will pick it up again next year.