Grace Vanderwall – A new star is shining

By now I suppose most folks have at least heard about this remarkable girl named Grace Vanderwall from America’s Got Talent. In fact, I am delighted to tell you that she won the contest hands down!
Let me back track though. I don’t watch TV and usually never watch so-called “reality shows”, partly because they have nothing to do with reality in the first place. Anyway, I was running through YouTube to get a video for an album review and chanced upon Grace Vanderwall’s first performance on AGT. I don’t know why I stopped to take the time to watch it. There was nothing remarkable about her at first glance and I prepared to watch for less than a minute writing her off as either another 10-year-old opera singer lip syncing to a tape or just another waste of time. That is until she stated that she was going to sing an original song she wrote as she was talking to the judges. I then also noticed something different about this one, her realistic, down to earth way about her.
When she first opened her mouth to sing, I heard a severe croak in her voice and thought, “goodness, should she even be doing this” and then it hit. I listened to the words and while very simple, they were the most impactful, profound words I ever heard and not the musings of a 12-year-old! That’s when it hit me that I was watching something rare, something so remarkable that I had to watch it three more times to be sure. Howie Mandel, who is not a talent scout or music critic or anything like that, saw it straight away and gave her an immediate pass to the next level, a golden buzzer thing they have. The entire audience (and nearly the judges) got emotional at this stunned little girl (who by the way was nearly dive tackled by her older sister at that moment in the video). The whole point is that what she sang, she wrote! Simon Cowell called her the next Taylor Swift….in my opinion, let’s hope not. I prefer to see her maintain her sense of humility, gratitude and genuineness as she rises to her dreams of stardom. In this way, will she truly help others as she stated she hopes to do. This is how she shocked the world:

I started tracking her through the contest. Each time she performed, she performed an original! Not once did she do a cover song. While that speaks to her integrity indeed, what is more remarkable is what she writes. One song after another is a remarkable profound statement for someone who is well beyond her years. Hearing her speak as well, one gets a sense of maturity beyond her years and yet in every other way, she is a very typical 12-year-old girl.

I am delighted to have found out recently that Grace Vanderwall has won the competition out-right! You will see in the video that it really shook her up as it did the audience and the judges and everyone around her. A wonderful true sign of genuine humility, integrity and gratitude if ever there was one.
Now that it has been established that she is a rising star, I can only hope that the industry doesn’t change her and that she finds a way to maintain herself and sense of reality. The pressures of the industry and such are my biggest fear for her. I hope she figures out a way to know when it’s time to get out if she has to. She is only 12 years old and her parents and such don’t know what the industry can be like and some of her idols are not the best people for her to hang out with, but also not the worst. I fear for her being used up super quick and tossed aside like an old shoe. If there are higher plane guardians may they watch over her and protect her.