Beethoven – The Nine Complete Beethoven Symphonies

Here’s my other Beethoven box set on vinyl. I had to do this one because it was recorded on 35mm film, if nothing else. Actually, I think it’s a best of Beethoven because it is his best nine symphonies in my opinion.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, because I don’t feel the need to drill down so deep into classical music as others do. To me, the historical details and trying to break a sweat figuring out what feelings and thoughts are being conveyed in classical music is a waste of energy in my opinion frankly, so forgive the lack of uber-detailed sophistication. In my opinion though it plain is not required to enjoy classical music. The only thing required in my book is an open mind and willingness to get out of the way and just let the music play.

So here is just a very short evaluation of this box set.
This box set is performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, conducted by William Steinberg. This box set consist of 8, yes 8 records! This will keep you busy for almost an entire day if played both sides every one of them! To give you an idea, here is the total time: (excuse me while I get my calculator, yes that’s what it will take: 6 hours!

I bought this used of course and the condition of the box was a little less than I would have liked, but it’s fine. The condition of the records inside are pristine as is the case with most classical records found used. People who own classical records take good care of them.
This is on the ABC Records Command Classics label and was recorded on 35mm film so it is AAA. There seems to be a very subtle lack of detail, but not enough to take any points off. It could also be something with the cartridge I used or someplace in the analog front end. (I played it on a legacy Pioneer turntable which is just as good as any four figure modern table sonically, but my cartridge is an Audio Technica 120EB, which is not a bad cartridge, but I run through a vintage Marantz 2238b which of course is built around the phono stage, but I’m thinking perhaps a separate stage would be of some benefit, just thinking. The depth and dimension is fantastic and the backgrounds are pitch black, so I could be just guessing about the details.

Anyway, here’s a track for sample:  (Movement 1 of 4) Beethoven Symphony No. 1