What’s In The record Bag – May 2016

Ok, I do not know why I never thought of posting the records I pick up when shopping, but why not? So, I have decided for the curious, to do a segment (almost monthly) called “What’s In The Record Bag”.

I’ll be putting up two this month. Allow me to roll back to May first and show you what I picked up that month at my local record fair. (Oh and yes, it does happen, I got skunked in June, did not find anything to pick up that month. Thankfully, that is only the second time in the last two years it has happened).

All used of course:

Dr John – In The Right Place. Sure, the sticker says $3, but the dealer did not want to haul everything back home, so he was blowing out everything for $1. Not a whole lot interesting to me but i managed to dive in and come up with this one. Cover is a little worse for wear, but I’ll about the record after cleaning.

Mannheim Steamroller
– Fresh Aire VI – Grabbed this for two singles – cover in excellent condition – the record looks very promising too. It is of course on the American Grammaphone label, which is noted for excellent pressings in my experience anyway.

It’s Happenin Here – Various artists = picked this one up for a Washington. This is the kind of thing I live for, the obscure, the strange, the mystery records. The record is very dirty in spite of being stored in the jacket correctly, but that’s where proper record cleaning really pays off. Not always, but most of the time.

It’s A Beautiful Day – Self-titled. I have the Columbia pressing as well as the San Francisco pressing and I admit I got tricked into thinking this was a different record by this group, but it’s not. However, it might be a really good pressing as it was done in Holland. I’ll know after cleaning of course.

Steppenwolf – Early Steppenwolf live at The Matrix – this is another one of those “it’s only a dollar” record finds. Dollar records are nearly always worth the risk and at that you’re not risking much of anything, really unless it’s the last dollar you need for something truly important.

Boston – Self titled – again, found in the dollar boxes and so one has to have at least one Boston LP in the library.

Heart – First greatest hits LP – it’s actually a double LP with one record being studio and the other being live. Picked it up for 3 first US presidents.

Rock’s Greatest Hits box set – This is another example of what I live for and  this guy is a 4 record box set on Columbia records “premium quality musical treasury” pressings (we shall see about that). The box shows a little wear, but the records seem to be in great shape, just a bit dirty.