One A.D. – Various Artists

Title: One A.D. – A Compilation Album From Waveform
Genre: Electronic Ambient Dub
Format: CD
Artists: Templeroy, Pentatonik, G.O.L., Banco de Gaia, Higher Intelligence Agency, A Positive Life, Sandoz, Original Rockers

I call this electronic space music personally. One has to be in the mood for it too.
One of my favorite tracks are Soma Holiday by G.O.L. (Gods Of Luxury). I like how it starts with a female voicing instructions then goes into a good drum track with middle eastern flavor. There are female vocals in the background. Lyrics are spoken rather than sung, again by female voice. There is a point where the lyrics refer to “grammes”,
“Half a gramme for a half holiday
One gramme for a weekend
Two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East
Three for a dark eternity on the moon”
I’m not entirely sure what the reference is, It could be some street drug or most likely taken from a Sci-Fi novel where a utilitarian society is depicted and people go on Soma Holidays, the necessary oppressiveness of having utilitarian happiness such as in Huxley’s “A Brave New World”, which I believe some of the lyrics are taken from.

The other track that stands out to me is Spectral by Higher Intelligence Agency. It’s kind of spacey, kind of like something you would hear in a club scene in a sci-fi movie