Afro Celt Soundsystem – Further In Time


Artist: Afro Celt Soundsystem
Title: Further In Time
Released: 2001
Label: Realworld Records
Format: CD
Musicians: Simon Emerson-all guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, drum programing, James McNally-whistles, keyboards, bodhran, piano, accordian, harmonium, drum and keyboard programming, Iarla O’ Lionaird-Vocals, Martin Russell-keyboards, programming, N’Faly Kouyate-vocals, kora, balafon, Johnny Kalsi-dhol drums, tabla, kalsi kit, Emer Mayock-ulleann pipes, flute, Demba Barry-vocals, Moussa Sissokho-talking drum, djembe, Mass-drum and keyboard programming.
Well known guest artists:Peter Gabriel-vocals & keyboards, Robert Plant-vocals
Producer: Simon Emmerson, James McNally & Martin Russell
Recording Engineer: Martin Russell and Mass
Mastering Engineer: Ian Cooper

Afro Celt Sound System is a musical group which fuses modern electronic dance music with traditional Irish and West African music. They were originally formed in 1995 by producer-guitarist Simon Emmerson, and features a wide range of guest artists.
Their albums have been released through Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records, and they have frequently performed at WOMAD festivals worldwide.
After a number of festival dates in 2007, the band went on hiatus. In 2010, they regrouped to play a number of shows (including a return to WOMAD), releasing a re-mastered retrospective titled Capture.
On 20 May 2014 Afro Celt Sound System launched a new website and with it announced the upcoming release of a new album, Born. In January 2016, a posting to that website revealed that due to a dispute with Emmerson, who announced his departure from the band in 2015, there were two active versions of the band, a version led by Emmerson and a separate line-up headed by James McNally and Martin Russell. Emmerson’s version of the band plans to release the album The Source in 2016.

I’m not going to go into alll the tracks as a few of them I found unpleasant to listen too personally. That said, there are some tracks that stuck out to me in favor.

Track #3 (When You’re Falling)-Peter Gabriel does the vocals on this song. This is one of the best tracks on the album. There’s a nice acapella break toward the end.
Track #4 (Colossus)-This has a somewhat Mediterranean feel combined with Celtic and I found it interesting and lively.
Track #7 (Life Begin Again)-Robert Plant takes the vocals here with some nice female backing vocals. The tune has a nice Mid-east vibe and ends with a minute and a half of just strings and woodwinds. This is one of the best tracks on the LP in my opinion. Robert Plant could have easily put this on one of his own LPs.
Track #9 (Go On Through)-This is very listenable like the Peter Gabriel and Robert Plant tracks.
Track #10 (Persistence of Memory)-This has a pleasant chill-like sound with male vocals. Peter Gabriel could have done this one.


Here’s Afro Celt Soundsystem in action. Not the best mix, but you get the gist.

Life Begin Again