Monitor Audio Speakers


Monitor Audio speakers manufacture site:

Again the company is headquartered in Britain. I also have not heard these speakers, so again I can not speak to my experience with my ears where there is none.
That said, they have several lines of speakers they make with the Platinum II being the highest priced. I’m going to focus only on their better speakers as they also offer a few cheap ones and since I have no experience with this brand, I have to assume certain things. Of course, as always google is your friend where you can look up reviews and such and you can get lots more tech info from the website from the link I provided above.

Now, in keeping with my parameters of cost I alert you to the following lines:

The Platinum PL100 bookshelf is the only one in that line that comes within my affordable parameter. However, in my opinion mid four digits for bookshelf speakers is a bit extravagant considering what else is out there for less that I know will at least perform equally or better. I’m only focused on the models within the range I set for speakers. Obviously, you are free to select any you want in any price range you can.
Retail prices I’ve seen range around: (Depending also on the finish you select)

The Gold line:
Gold 50 Bookshelf
Gold 100 bookshelf
Gold 200 tower
The Silver line:
Silver 1 Bookshelf
Silver 2 Bookshelf
Silver 6 Tower
Silver 8 Tower
Silver 10 Tower
The Bronze line:
Bronze 1 Bookshelf
Bronze 2 Bookshelf
Bronze 5 Tower
Bronze 6 Tower

There is also the BX5 and BX6 towers still around as well.