Bellari Phono Preamps

bellari-vpangle_grande (Image:Bellari VP130)

Bellari (Rolls Corporation), no, not that Rolls offers 3 Phono Preamps.
The VP29 has been discontinued,but there are some units out there. Also the VP29 is a solid state phono preamp, not a tube.

The basic difference between the VP130 and VP530 is that the VP130 can also be a headphone amp while the VP530 has USB ability.
Be aware that these preamps are for Moving Magnet phono cartridges, not Moving Coil cartridges.

Bellari Rolls began in 1989. More info:
They are known for their tube phono preamps. Unlike a lot of other products I will be listing, the Bellari phono preamps are not considered high-end. That said though, they are fairly good value from what I know. I have not used them myself, but if you are looking for a tube phono preamp/stage for not a lot of money, they are not a bad way to go.